Krammin’ With A Kraken by Darci R. Acula (ePUB)

kramming with kraken, darci r acula

Krammin’ With A Kraken (Slaymore Academy #1) by Darci R. Acula, Starling Dax – Free eBooks Download


Ever been tickled by a tentacle? Neither had he…

I’m a kraken, but that’s a secret between you and me, okay? Don’t go betraying me or I might blame you for slaying me. Well, you and whichever trophy hunter thinks they can take me down.
I’m just on land to graduate from Slaymore Academy with honors—how hard can it be?
Turns out… really, really hard. *wink wink*

Regardless, I’m determined to stay focused. I’m going to learn from the best so I can return to the Bering Sea and make it safer for all the species who call it home.
It’s important that I closely guard my secret, so that when I reveal myself, I can prove the point that krakens aren’t the mindless monsters we’ve been made out to be.
And finally, I’m determined to not fall in love. Who needs that distraction—especially with so much on the line? Contrary to what my parents believe, I’m not just a baby-maker or a pawn to marry off in exchange for an alliance. I’m going to make a change for the krakens.

But Fate’s an evil son-of-a-you-know-what who’s been meddling in my business. Now, I’ve caught the eye of the campus’ golden boy… and he’s determined to find a way past my barriers and into my heart.
Poor guy has no idea what he’s getting into. Will he accept me when he learns the truth?
And most importantly… I wonder how he feels about tentacles?

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