Kraken’s Vow by Raven Hush (ePUB)

kraken's vow, raven hush

Kraken’s Vow (Monster Brides Romance) by Raven Hush – Free eBooks Download


Nothing says stay away like a floating lab in the middle of the Alaskan Fiordlands.

Lani Probert loves nothing more than geeking out in her own custom built lab in frigid waters. Going into the local fisher town isn’t her favorite thing but sometimes a girl has needs.
Like having her snarky AI to make her shopping list.
Or freaking out when a sea monster has a death match with something big, blue and toothy over the bow of her runabout.
Lani thinks she knows everyone in town after her four year research tenure, but Zen isn’t like the local gossip mills. Blue eyes, more muscle than a bodybuilding contest and silvery skin are the start of Zen’s glacial-sized compendium of secrets.
Which Lani could forget if she didn’t witness a leviathan battle back home. Or find her ice-man sitting on the roof of her lab.
Or end up kissing him while watching for sea slugs on her floor.

Zen opens his other life with the girl who shares his waters, but that’s the thing about secrets, small towns, and rumor mills. Sometimes, things leak out.
Like the tentacled behemoths in their waters.
Or the girl who harbors them.
Desperate to keep her own personal kraken safe, Lani proposes on her knees for the not-so-man she’s fallen for. The town get their wedding, along with promises that all is right and normal and safe.
She knows those lies won’t stick forever. But Zen likes to keep his secrets, and the one he doesn’t share will change Lani forever.

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