Knock on Wood by Jaycee Wolfe (ePUB)

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Knock on Wood (Reckless Omens MC #7) by Jaycee Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


I’ve kept a secret from everyone for the last couple of years. One that could destroy the stable ground I’ve so carefully built here with the Reckless Omens Motorcycle Club. They brought me in, trusted me, loved me, and made me a part of their lives, all while they didn’t even know my real name. The worst part? I fell for the club bad boy who has ignored me the whole time. Now that I’ve been found and my location has been compromised, he says he wants me to stay. He says I’m his, but how can I give myself to him when he doesn’t even know… me?

I’ve spent the last three years fighting my feelings for the girl who shot me down and broke my heart. I’ve tried ignoring them, ignoring her, but with each month and each Club Brother finding their soul mate, it’s leaving me thinking. How did I give up on her so easily? I’ve fought for everything in my life. Why didn’t I fight for her? Was I so stubborn, so prideful, I was willing to let her go over a possible misunderstanding? Just as I decide I’m done pushing her away, she drops a bomb on the club. She’s been running for her life and hiding behind our club. She thinks that will change things for us, that we won’t trust or love her. She doesn’t realize that once you are claimed by a Reckless Omen, your fate is sealed.

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