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Knives and Kisses (Stolen Obsessions #2.6) by Aurelia Knight – Free eBooks Download


Being Valen Throne has always been more than enough. The quarterback for my college team, the president of my fraternity. I’m male perfection. Strong, sharp, a little brutal. What more could you want?
But most don’t know I’m a deranged autosexual who gets off on watching myself get off. Human beings aren’t supposed to be props for my amusement or a tool to find the best position to admire myself from. Still, they line up for the task while being promised they would never mean more to me than cheap sex.
Satisfaction was my natural state of being until Cici crashed my Valentines day party. Except for the occasional violent outbursts, I didn’t need or want anyone but me. Then I learned a life altering truth. I’m not the most interesting person on the plant. Cici is. A pretty goth girl, obsessed with a play I don’t care about.
But I’m obsessed with her. I need her in a way I don’t understand, want her more than I thought possible, and don’t care that she hates me. I’m making this one Valentine’s day she’ll never forget.

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