Kitty Catches Kismet by Jaime Marie Lang (ePUB)

kitty catches kismet, jaime marie lang

Kitty Catches Kismet (Bennet Ladies Liberation #2) by Jaime Marie Lang – Free eBooks Download


Can two individuals in love navigate a world that conceals deceit and hostility behind a dazzling façade, or will their bond crumble beneath the weight of plots and betrayal?

Catherine Bennet, called Kitty by her sisters, believed that shooting Wickham in the hand with her bow would be the most terrifying experience of her life, but that was before she went to London for her debut. Her timid nature is something that she has long grappled with and leaves her wondering whether she can hold her own against the sophistication of the ton. What is worse, she harbors a fear of never finding a love as profound and enduring as what her sister Elizabeth has with Mr. Darcy. Can she endure the insipid ways of the ton long enough to forge meaningful connections and, perchance, find a love of her own?
Theodore Fitzwilliam is cousin to Mr. Darcy of Pemberley and the younger brother of the earl of Matlock. After bravely fighting in the battlefields against Napoleon, he returns, wounded and lost, seeking a new purpose beyond the military. Yet, his path is strewn with haunting dreams and memories of the struggles he faced while fighting for his life. Can he find his place in a world so different from what he has always known?

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