Kissed By Songs of Lilies by E.V. Everest (ePUB)

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Kissed by Songs of Lilies (Enemies Ever After) by E.V. Everest – Free eBooks Download


Never bargain with a frog.

There was a chill in the salt air the morning my sister was taken. All they left was a single golden shell in her bed. The fae had claimed another bride.
Now, careless on champagne, I’ve met one myself. By night, an intoxicating gentleman with piercing green eyes. By day, a slimy, conniving frog.
When I drop my precious golden shell, he offers to retrieve it… for a price. By his law, we are betrothed.
To break a bargain is to die, so I will cross the cursed waters with him and go to their hidden isle. But this won’t be a one-way trip. It won’t be so easy to claim the heart of this princess.

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