Kissed By a Demon by Rosalyn Stirling (ePUB)

kissed by demon, rosalyn stirling

Kissed by a Demon (The Wild Shadows #1) by Rosalyn Stirling – Free eBooks Download


A demon who feeds on her desires. An enchantress who’s desperate enough to bargain with him.

Wild shadows stir within a forest that never sleeps—demons and beasts eager to ensnare their next prey.
Arabella, a powerful enchantress and protector of mankind, offers herself—her body—to a forest demon in exchange for power to repair the village’s weakening magical wards that keep the dark forces of the forest at bay. But he isn’t what she expects.
The demon isn’t a monster but a handsome man with abilities as old and powerful as the forest itself. When he kisses her, he feeds on her body’s desires, and she finds herself unable to withstand the attraction pulling her in.
But enchantresses and demons can never be together—even if the demon wears the face of a man.
As dark forces mobilize throughout the forest and the bargains with the fae and witches demand too high a price, she is faced with an impossible choice. Either submit to the demon she’s been taught to hate or risk losing everyone to the wild shadows of the forest.

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