Kiss of Ice by Lilah T. Bane (ePUB)

kiss of ice, lilah t bane

Kiss of Ice (Immortal Hearts #4) by Lilah T. Bane – Free eBooks Download


My enemy stole fifty years of my life. His daughter’s going to pay.
For half a century, Kamran was cursed to live as a beast. Now back in his rightful place as Emperor of Nush’aldaam, he thirsts for revenge against the man who wronged him. So when fate offers up his enemy’s daughter, he doesn’t hesitate.
He manoeuvres Lady Morenna into accepting an arranged marriage, determined to use her to keep his rival in check. But she’s not what he expected. And what starts as a simple act of vengeance quickly becomes more complicated.
Because there’s something about this ice queen that makes him yearn to see her melt.
Ren has spent her life trying to make her father proud. So when he demands she marries the Emperor to bring the influence he craves one step closer, she reluctantly agrees. After all, what other options are there for a woman like her?
She could never attract someone as powerful and handsome as Kam. An arranged marriage is the best she could hope for. But whatever game he’s playing with her father, it won’t work. And if he thinks she’ll just fall into line, he’s badly mistaken.
She’ll fight him every step of the way… even though part of her wants to yield to him completely.

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