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kiss me, d pichardo-johansson

Kiss Me in Italy (The Self-Vow #2) by D Pichardo-Johansson – Free eBooks Download


Dr. Maxwell Steele is the incarnation of good-old-fashioned values. He’s an Army Veteran, a gentleman to the core, and the most ethical researcher I’ve met. I’ve had a crush on him since I was a medical student—which makes no sense. I’m a pacifist vegan raised by hippies, who balances chakras for living. In his world, like in my whole life story, I’m a misfit.
What’s worse, he has no respect for holistic doctors like me. And I once promised myself I’d never be with a man who doesn’t value me.
It’s quite inconvenient that he’s assigned to evaluate the medical conference I’m holding in Italy. How will I win him over for my professional cause without losing my heart in the process?
It doesn’t help that I can’t stop thinking about him since that kiss years ago.

Dr. Chloe Willows’ image has haunted me for years, ever since that day she surprised me with a kiss. And despite my skepticism about her energy cleansing theories and her vegan diet, I can’t deny she’s the only woman I’ve wanted since I lost my wife.
But it doesn’t matter how much Chloe lures me with her beauty or fascinates me with her wit and wisdom. And it doesn’t matter how much we connect while touring Rome together. She represents an industry I mistrust and despise—the same people responsible for my wife’s death. Succumbing to this attraction would be betraying everything I believe in.
But now, we’re both stranded in Italy. My job security and her biggest professional dream depend on us working together to rejoin our group. Will I be able to fight this overwhelming pull toward her? Or will I discover that, more than fighting myself, I’m fighting destiny?

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