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kismet, kl ramsey

Kismet (Chasing Serendipity) by K.L. Ramsey – Free eBooks Download


Jade hated that her mother planned elaborate Christmas parties year after year and everyone’s only question for her was—”When will you be getting married?” This year, she was determined to skip Christmas and tell a little white lie to spare herself her mother’s lecture. Jade told her family that work has demanded that she go to France until after the New Year. Sure, she felt awful about lying, but it wasn’t anything that a couple of weeks in France couldn’t fix.
Roan and Beckett had been together for five years now, but both felt as if their relationship had always been missing something—or in this case, someone. When Roan came up with a crazy scheme to add a third, Beckett wanted to tell him that he lost his mind. Instead, they agreed that if they could both meet and fall in love with the same woman by New Year’s Day, they would ask her to be their third. If not, they would go home and forget about ever adding a permanent third between them.

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