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King of Hearts (Rake Forge University #2) by Ashley Munoz – Free eBooks Download


Failing out of college wasn’t on my dream board.
Neither was getting knocked up.
Just the same, here I am, ready to start another year at Rake Forge University, pregnant and currently homeless.
And it looks like I’m not the only one who’s returned.
Juan Hernandez, my sister’s best friend, saunters through campus with that granite jaw and those raven strands of hair kissing his brow, his whiskey eyes searing everyone to ash.
I’ve avoided him for months, but the second he sees me, the jig is up.
The first thing he does is steal my lips in a ravishing kiss.
A punishment.
The second thing he does is rescue me from sleeping in my car.
A lesson.
Living with him will never work, not with how brash his words are, how hot his constant stare, or how he touches me.
His fingers brand my skin as if he owns me, and on some level, I know he wants to.
What he doesn’t know is that I belong to another man…and come my twenty-first birthday, I’ll return to him whether I want to or not.

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