Kill the Loveliest Prince by Alexi Blake (ePUB)

kill loveliest prince, alexi blake

Kill the Loveliest Prince (Their Dark Queen #1) by Alexi Blake, May Sage – Free eBooks Download


Only one thing matters in the land of the folk: power. And you have none.

Ripped from the mortal world and enslaved by a twisted fae, Darina’s living nightmare takes an unexpected turn at the bottom of a pool deadly to all but the heir to the high crown.
And she emerges in one piece, destined to rule over dozens of depraved, powerful, ruthless monarchs.
The kings and queens of the lower courts aren’t about to obey the will of a mortal-minded spawn. They’ll stop at nothing to either control or destroy her before she can claim her birthright.
To survive, she has no choice but to make a deal with the deceptively charming seelie prince and the infuriating, brutal unseelie king, and attempt to take the crown.
Val and Ryther lie with every kiss, scheming behind her back. They have their own agendas, and keeping her alive doesn’t seem to be more than a footnote on their list of priorities.
Can she trust either of the fae supposed to help her keep the courts from tearing her apart?
Fee-fi-fo-fum. The hunt for royal blood has begun.

Their Dark Queen is a dark, sensual, morally bankrupt tale completely unsuitable for sensitive readers.
Full trigger list at the start of the book—but if you need one of those? It’s not for you.

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