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kiernan, katrina vincent

Kiernan (Fated to the Fae #1) by Katrina Vincent – Free eBooks Download


Jane wakes up in a strange place surrounded by four sexy men that all have wings. Fairy wings. They tell her she isn’t in the human realm any longer: she’s in Fairie. Oh, and none of them know how to help her get home to New York City, so Jane is stuck following the laws of the fae realm.

This means starring in her own Questioning, a matchmaking event hosted for each single female as they come of mating age that gives the abundance of eligible males in the realm a chance at love while ensuring all females have total control of their destiny.
But on her first evening in the fae realm, she meets Kiernan, Prince of the Summer Court. She can’t stop thinking about him, even if he’s standoffish and cold. Especially because every moment together has him warming up more and more.

All too quickly, Jane’s watching a hundred men compete in The Questioning for the chance to be with her. She has every finger crossed that Kiernan might be the last man standing for her, but if he is, will she want to stay? Or will she keep trying to find the portal home?

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