Kidnapped By the Bear by Ruby Knoxx (ePUB)

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Kidnapped by the Bear (Bruno Bears Crime Family #5) by Ruby Knoxx – Free eBooks Download


My ex’s brother kidnapped me to an isolated wooden cabin.
Secretly, I’ve had the hots for him for years. But now I hate him for what he did.
Yet while my mind says one thing, my innocent, touch-starved body says another.
I try to resist my yearning but it only gets stronger … and now I’m expecting the bear’s baby.
I was attracted to this ex-Navy Seal from the moment we first met.
He was off-limits but you know how primal shifter feelings work … they will not keep quiet.
Now that he’s snatched me, I’d be crazy if I ever fell for him …
Just another guy using me to get to my mafia family.
He can trap my body under his roof, but he can never trap my spirit … or my heart.
I’ll teach him for messing with me, for mistaking me for easy prey.
But between moments of anger and plots to escape, I feel things I’ve never felt before.
It’s like he awakens in me pent-up desires that threaten to erupt beyond my control.
How long will I be able to resist?

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