Kidnapped Bratva Bride by Deva Blake (ePUB)

kidnapped bratva bride, deva blake

Kidnapped Bratva Bride (Dubrov Bratva #3) by Deva Blake – Free eBooks Download


A living monster accidentally kidnapped me, then got me pregnant.
I was waiting tables when a much older stranger walked in as though he owned me.
I wanted to resist when he took me, but then I was blindfolded and cuffed.
I wanted to escape when he forced me to marry him, but then he knocked me up.
I’d heard of monsters like him, but I didn’t know they actually existed.
He wants to own my body, controlling my moves and my thoughts.
He wants to break my will, letting his darkness swallow my innocence.
And when I try to explain that he kidnapped the wrong girl, he says he won’t let me go.
At night he watches me trying to escape his claws.
By day he pins me to the ground and scolds me that I need to be on my guard.
But I can’t defend myself against his addictive Russian games.
I can’t defend myself against his stone cold Bratva heart.
What will he do to me when he finds out he’s about to be a daddy?

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