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keys, christine michelle

Keys (S.H.E. #3) by Christine Michelle – Free eBooks Download


I was emancipated as a teenager, after blackmailing the father who never wanted me, and being kicked out of the house by my mother, who loved him.
Life has never been easy.
As a member of a female motorcycle club, the brilliant mind behind a few of our businesses, and the woman with all the answers – thanks to my computer skills – you would think I finally had it all figured out.
You would be wrong.
The one thing I could never figure out was how to let someone into my heart after closing it off for so long.
Then along came Quickshot.
He was perfect, but maybe not perfect for me.

I knew from the moment I first saw Keys that we were meant to be, and I wasn’t a sucker who believed in soulmates, romance, fate, or any other bullshit love at first sight scenario.
Hell, thanks to growing up in the club life, I didn’t think true love or real, lasting relationships were the fairytale everyone made them out to be.
Still, I knew that not having her in my life meant having my heart beat out of rhythm for the rest of my existence.
She gave me a shot, despite her history.
I blew it.
Watching her move on killed me.
Resolving to never have her in my life the way I wanted was a hell I didn’t really want to live through, so I tried to get lost in someone else.
It didn’t work because there was only ever room for her.
It turned out that we couldn’t have a future together.
At least, not until we worked together to bury her past once and for all.

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