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kev, mary kennedy

Kev (Voodoo Guardians #7) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Kevin Crawford finds himself in a precarious situation. He’s found the woman of his dreams. Beautiful, intelligent, strong, brave. And, engaged. Or is she? He doesn’t want to break up a loving couple, but it seems Tila is not necessarily crying over her postponed engagement. Their time together is short and precious, but it leaves both of them with a gift they never expected. Leaving her was the most difficult thing he’s ever done. Trying to get her to return his calls is even more difficult. Who knew all he needed to do was get her to come to his brother’s wedding.
Otilia ‘Tila’ Blackwater is a Canadian Marine and law student, much to the disappointment of her father and fiancé. Meeting Kevin Crawford is the most unexpected thing in her life. Falling in love with him, is even more unexpected. When her fiancé ends their engagement, doesn’t really bother her. He wasn’t the man she wanted or needed. The one she really needs, the one she really wants is two-thousand miles away and totally unaware that he’s going to be a father. All she needs to do is build up enough courage to tell him.

But Kev and Tila have to fight for something even more precious. Tila’s people. Stopping her father and ex-fiancé will be dangerous and just might get her killed. Kev has other ideas. No one will touch his woman. No one.

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