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keep me daddy, lana kyle

Keep Me Daddy (Ivy League Daddies #2) by Lana Kyle – Free eBooks Download


The Ivy League Daddies are smart, stern, and brothers for life – and now they’re looking for Straight-A boys to make their own…

Harrison Hawk is a grumpy college professor with a past as a bestselling novelist.Harrison split up from his last Little at the height of his career and since then has given up on relationships, as well as pursuing novel writing success.
But while Harrison may be greying and spend his days hiking and delivering lectures on a sleepy campus upstate, he still has his Daddy Dom itch to scratch…
Benji is a next-generation chef who is sweeter than apple pie. He made it big on TikTok with his innovative recipes, zany filming techniques, and wholesome content. When it comes to both his cooking and his identity, this Little isn’t shy of letting the world know exactly who he is.
But Benji is feeling burned out. Despite needing a rest, his management team keep pushing him to work harder and be more outrageous. Benji’s career has been built on hype, and he’s in danger of losing his passion to create.
Harrison is in the city with his fellow Ivy League Daddies and a chance meeting with Benji sees sparks fly from the get-go. Their meeting makes both Daddy and Little question what it is they truly want – and need – to be happy.
In a rare moment of impulsiveness, Harrison makes Benji a proposition. Benji can come and rest and recuperate with Harrison on campus and experience a slower pace and a whole heap of discipline too.
Benji and Harrison on campus together could be explosive. But when obstacles on both sides come to a head, everything is suddenly up in the air…
*This is a reworked and extended (+10k words) version of an old, since unpublished, story.

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