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kaphas, lucian bane

Kaphas (Bayou Bishops #17) by Lucian Bane – Free eBooks Download


The country’s about to implode, and Quantum King sees it coming like a train wreck.

I’m Kaphas, an AI soldier navigating a world where vigilantes take justice into their own hands and corruption is gasping its last breath.
The Syphon King barely survived, but the bionic hand Quantum equipped him with will allow him to master the darkness he siphons now.

I’m more interested in Celeste. She’s a nun whose innocent allure sparks a powerful, erotic desire that dominates my every thought. Her presence is both my salvation and my torment, pulling me deeper into a passionate whirlwind I can’t escape.
Meanwhile, the Creole Kings, bitten by Nitro to amplify their powers, are now cursed with insatiable desires. Irony has spoken. Their power trip has ended with a 24/7 sex obsession—the very nightmare they hoped to dodge.

What is coming for us? For me? Faction wars will soon ignite the nation and cities will burn. Alliances will be formed and tested. And as I grow into memories of a past I barely remember, we make the call to move to the swamps, the last refuge against the encroaching darkness. It’s a desperate gamble, but in a world descending into madness, our fierce drive to protect those who transform us stands between those we love and total annihilation.

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