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Justice for Willa (San Antonio First Responders #10) by Reina Torres – Free eBooks Download


Texas Ranger Landon Cooper never forgot the first time he met Willa Abelson. Called to the scene of a brutal attack as a deputy, he found Willa minutes from death. But she wouldn’t allow him to help her. She demanded that he try to save her best friend’s life. Landon hadn’t failed anyone so completely as he did that night.
Willa survived. Her friend did not. Willa’s gut-wrenching sobs still woke him up at night for years and years.
Now a Texas Ranger, he’s part of a multi-agency task force to stop online predators from targeting young people. He knocks on a door, ready to explain to the family behind it that they might have been targeted and comes face to face with Willa.
Willa had almost convinced herself that Landon Cooper didn’t exist. She’d fallen apart in front of him the night that her friend died and had hoped she’d never have to come face-to-face with that failure again.
She’d made it her life’s work to take down online predators and has built up her own volunteer group with the purpose of identifying and exposing predators.
Landon wants her to back down, but she’s not going to do it.
Working together as a bridge between San Antonio Law Enforcement and her volunteer group, they discover that their connection is deepening quickly. No matter how much she wants a connection to him, she’s unwilling to take a step back from her work.
Landon will do anything to make sure that there’s Justice for Willa.

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