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Just the Maid (Just Me in Love #1) by Chelsea Hale – Free eBooks Download


Working nights cleaning is mundane—until I smack the new CEO with my jazz hands…

Hitting a gorgeous guy in the face takes awkward to a whole new level. I want to run away from this whole mortifying situation, and I do. The trouble is when I come back the next morning to finish cleaning … he’s still there.
Now, I can’t stop running into Alex. But somehow when he is around, I find myself not minding so much. He’s a major big deal, and I … well … I just vacuum his carpets.
His extensive collection of private yachts make scuba diving that much more amazing. (Also, Alex in swimming trunks is an unforeseen bonus). Before I know it, things are really great between us.
Until things get complicated when I find out he’s hiding something.

It will take more than a fairy godmother to clean up this mess. But will Alex ever see me as more than just the maid?

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