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just my tutor, chloe jane

Just My Tutor (Grand University #1) by Chloe Jane – Free eBooks Download


Chandler Bell. Tall, impossibly gorgeous, and Grand U’s star tight end.
He’s also in need of a tutor, which is where I come in.
Right from the start, alarm bells are ringing in my head, telling me to steer clear.
I’ve been in this movie before, and it had a really crappy ending.
But he needs help, and I’m weak against those eyes. That laugh. The way he treats me like I’m more than the young mom stigma that chases me.
So, fine. I’ll help him with stats, but that’s it.
I’ve got big goals, and the last thing I’m going to do is complicate my life with a relationship.
I need to focus on succeeding at Grand U. Not just for me, but for my son.
My heart? It can wait.
I absolutely won’t fall for that boyish charm or the cocky grin that tells me he knows I’m into him.
I can’t afford to let Chandler steal my heart. No matter how hard he tries.
And boy, does he try…

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