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Just For Show (Aster Bay #2) by Cara Dion – Free eBooks Download


He doesn’t want a fairy tale. He just wants his son’s ex-girlfriend.

This will be the year Kyla Mitchell puts herself first, walking away from the boyfriend she doesn’t love and pursuing her passion for boudoir photography. She didn’t plan on being turned down for the loan she needs to start her business. When a new reality dating show comes to town and announces that the winner will receive $100,000, it seems like the answer to all her problems. Now all she has to do is outlast the competition and she can finally have her very own fairy tale ending, complete with Prince Charming.
Gavin West is a good father, and good fathers don’t fantasize about their son’s girlfriend. Even after they break up, Gavin knows falling for Kyla would betray his son’s trust, so why is she the only woman Gavin’s wanted in years? Determined to shake off his attraction to Kyla, Gavin agrees to star in the new reality dating show filming in his hometown. When the very woman he’s running from ends up competing for his heart, he wonders if maybe she was meant to be his all along.
When the cameras are gone, Gavin and Kyla have to decide what was real, what was just for show, and what’s worth fighting for.

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