Just Fall for Me by Deanna Grey (ePUB)

just fall for me, deanna grey

Just Fall for Me (Westbrooke Angels #2) by Deanna Grey – Free eBooks Download


We met in the midst of a revenge plot.

Dakota Wells saved me after I made a complete fool of myself. And despite meeting me in absolute shambles, he thought I was worth getting to know.
But, I’ve quit dating guys on the football team. We can’t be anything more than friends.
Because no matter how kind, smart, or hot he is, I’ve sworn off all risks for the foreseeable future….
Unfortunately, Dakota’s good at making me rethink everything. He knows exactly what to say, what to do, and how to touch me in ways I’ve only dreamed.
He’s persistent and focused on giving me any and everything I want.
Falling for someone again is terrifying.
Especially when the man you’re falling for is keeping something hidden.
He was a part of something big last year. Our pasts intersect in ways I never thought possible. I soon learn he’s more than just a sweet guy.
Dakota carries a secret that could break him. A secret that could split us if he doesn’t face it.

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