Just Another Day At The Morgue by BL Maxwell (ePUB)

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Just Another Day At The Morgue (Spirit Boys) by BL Maxwell – Free eBooks Download


Seeing spirits is one thing, but feeling the pain of their death is an experience best left alone. Restless spirits, a ghost dog, and two men connected to the spirit world. What could go wrong? Bran Tanda works at the hospital morgue despite the fact he can see and hear all the spirits that tend to congregate there. He wants to help them, even if they terrify him with their aggressive tactics to get him to acknowledge their existence.
Jordan Amid is Bran’s assistant. He’s reluctant to interact too much with the dead since he can feel all the pain from their death and the confusion they’re left with. But he’s drawn to work there with Bran, and his ghost dog Buddy. Bran and Jordan are thrown into a world where things are changing, and without their help everyone will suffer the dead. Stronger together than separately, they’ll both need to face their fears and find the strength they’ll need to fight the evil forces that threaten them and all of humanity.

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