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Just A Kiss (Just Us Novella #1) by Linzi Basset – Free eBooks Download


Kill me now! How am I supposed to understand a word the man says when all I can think of while looking at his lips moving is how badly I want him to get inside my knickers?
Knickers, or panties as most of you would call them. Yes, I’m that one. The one who uses medieval words and was the biggest nerd at school.
Okay, back to the hunk. There I was, driving and singing along at the top of my voice to my favorite rock song, when all of a sudden, a shrieking siren disrupted my enjoyment.
Speeding, my ass. The needle hardly hugged 75mph!
Ah, okay, apparently this is a 60-zone zone. Bad girl. Bad, bad girl!
Daphne Fowler never thought receiving a speeding ticket from the sexiest cop she’d ever seen would turn into a torrid love affair. Least of all that she would lose her heart to him, especially amid an investigation both of them became entangled in.
All it took was just a kiss…

Note: Although the blurb is in 1st POV, the book is written in 3rd POV.

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