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Just a Bit of Trust (The Constel·lación #1) by Noma-Tee Thompson – Free eBooks Download


Didac. Alien. King of Constel·lació.

Vivian. Human. Abused. Untrusting but artless. Daughter of the man who betrays Didac.

Vivian’s father is villainous and greedy to the point that he never has an interest in being a good father, husband, and leader. In a world where interplanetary trading is common, her father, Martin Bradford, the President of Mother Earth betrays the most powerful man in the solar system, and she finds herself “mated” to him and carted off to another planet. Though abused, Vivian is still green enough to believe in love. Didac is the King of Constel·lació. When his planet is ambushed and more than six hundred Constel·lacións are murdered. He takes on the men who betray him. He declares war on Mother Earth; his plans are simple. Attack Mother Earth and take over. Kill those who don’t want to follow him and what he doesn’t expect is to find a mate. Leave it to a woman to complicate things. Even if these two come together in a peculiar way, they learn to love each other but would Constel·lació accept their love?

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