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julian, kym grosso

Julian (Immortals of New Orleans #14) by Kym Grosso – Free eBooks Download


A captivating paranormal romance from best-selling author Kym Grosso. Experience the mysterious world of The Immortals of New Orleans.

Born into royalty, Alpha Julian Fortes has been to hell and back. A lone wolf, he’s fought the ancient curse that’s plagued his family for centuries. When he saves a mysterious woman, his wolf will no longer be denied his mate or his pack.
Cassia Luna has learned to cloak her presence from the hellhounds and stay one step ahead of the evil that pursues her. Psychic abilities keep her alive, allowing her to sense the predators before they strike. As Cassia is forced to trust the charismatic Alpha, she resists her desire to submit and reveal her true nature.
The Prince of Wolves must confront destructive evil forces that lurk in the shadows. But will the Alpha destroy his enemies before they kill him? And after living a lifetime alone, will he succumb to the visceral need to claim Cassia, acknowledging the soul binding connection between an Alpha and his mate?
Julian is the 12th novel in The Immortals of New Orleans series. Although many of my readers prefer reading the series in order, each book is written to be read standalone.

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