Jocks Don’t Fall For Bookworms by Emma Dalton (ePUB)

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Jocks Don’t Fall For Bookworms (Invisible Girls Club #6) by Emma Dalton – Free eBooks Download


Every bookworm deserves her Romeo.
I’m the bookworm. I dream of having an epic romance like my parents, but the guys at school don’t know I exist. I spend my time daydreaming about the characters in my books, hoping one day my luck will change.
Then my new neighbor and captain of the basketball team asks for my help with catching the popular girl’s attention. Xavier’s not confident with girls and thinks I’m an expert on love and can transform him into a romantic guy. Of course I say yes! The chance to bring two souls together? It’s like a romance novel come to life.
But as I help Xavier woo the girl of his dreams, I find myself falling for him. He’s sweet and kind, and he gives his all to the girl he likes. Qualities I dream about having in a guy. How can I be his cupid when my feelings for him go beyond friendship? A popular jock like him would never choose an invisible bookworm like me.
Or would he?

Jocks Don’t Fall For Bookworms is the sixth book in the Invisible Girls Club, a sweet YA contemporary romance series. If you like invisible girls who snag the boys of their dreams, this book is for you!

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