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Jinger Slays Christmas by Yvonne Avery – eBooks Download


Jinger Eden is a magazine journalist who secretly writes the spiciest smut novels under a closely guarded pen name. One of her books has taken off and everyone’s talking about it. Only her best friend knows she’s the author, and only her best friend knows that Jinger is a virgin. At 28.
Once home for Christmas, she meets Eros, her brother’s best friend and rowing teammate from college. Although he’s six years younger, the chemistry between them is immediate, and they share a number of intense moments that bring her closer than ever to chipping away at the concealed wall of chastity she’s built up.
When she finds out Eros is a huge fan of her books, she’s secretly flattered, but as each encounter grows more heated, Jinger fears he’ll be disappointed at her lack of experience. When she discovers that he’s auditioned for the audio version of her chart-topping book, she’s horrified. She tiptoes through the day, desperate to be closer to Eros, but terrified for him to discover her secrets.

Can Jinger balance the development of a new and exciting character in her own story, or will the holiday be a stress-filled Christmas disaster?

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