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jett, evie monroe

Jett (Holy Sinners MC: California #6) by Evie Monroe – Free eBooks Download


My Ma marries a billionaire and all I get out of the deal is a spoiled stepsister.

Under different circumstances I wouldn’t complain. Brielle is hotter than hell and I wouldn’t mind giving her a taste of life on this side of the tracks.
But she’s forbidden fruit. I’ve been instructed to leave her alone. And what Ma says, goes.
Except Brielle didn’t get the message.
She may call me a criminal and look down at me from her ivory tower, but I hear her the desire in her voice when she calls my name from her room at night and the seduction in her eyes when she thinks no one is looking.
If she keeps it up much longer, I won’t be able to resist.
When Brielle goes missing, I can’t sit back and do nothing. I call on my MC to help me find her. I swore I’d never fall in love again, but Brielle is enough to make me reconsider.
Maybe it isn’t love, maybe it’s just some fucked up infatuation, or an obligation to family.
All I know is Brielle is missing and I won’t stop until I find her and she’s safe in my arms.

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