Jetboating with a Jellyfish by Charlie Richards (ePUB)

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Jetboating with a Jellyfish (Beneath Aquatica’s Waves #15) by Charlie Richards – Free eBooks Download


World of Aquatica: Uncertain why, a shifter keeps getting drawn back to a particular coffee shop… until he’s approached by the busboy and everything becomes clear.

Working as a high-profile lawyer for his shifter pod, Saul Davison keeps prying eyes away from his wealthy Alpha Kaiser Rush’s affairs. His position earns him wealth and prestige due to being a cutthroat in the courtroom. The fact that he’s secretly a lion’s mane jellyfish and won’t settle down for anyone but his mate, earns him the reputation of a playboy. Saul enjoys both—the finer things the money buys, as well as the plethora of floozies attracted to his bed.
When Saul finds himself repeatedly returning to a small coffee shop, he can’t understand the allure. He doesn’t even like coffee. Sitting at a table, drinking chai tea, Saul is pondering the oddity when a young Hispanic human approaches him… and asks if he can join Saul. Saul’s knee-jerk reaction is to say no, but there’s just something so earnest and sweet in the human’s expression—not something that normally attracts him. Buying time, Saul offers his hand.

As the human slides his palm against Saul’s—introducing himself as Mateo—a zing of awareness rushes through Saul’s body, and it all becomes clear. Mateo is his mate.

Can Saul win his sweet young human’s heart and share the world of shifters with him, or will his reputation get in the way?

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