Java Hearts & Cupid Darts by Kimberly Krey (ePUB)

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Java Hearts & Cupid Darts (The Coffee Loft) by Kimberly Krey – Free eBooks Download


Maggie’s a coffee shop owner determined to find Mr. Right.
Braxton’s a full-of-himself carpenter she’s dubbed Mr. Never.

When the two are forced to pair up in a storytelling duel, Maggie’s temper boils hotter than their freshest brew. But when she glimpses his not-so-infuriating side, Maggie can’t help but think that something else is brewing between them.

Maggie Modella, owner of the VA Beach Coffee Loft, has found the keys to true love!
Well, they’re not actually keys; they’re darts. Cupid darts, to be exact.
If she simply collects the darts found within the pages of her new life-changing book, she, too, can find true and everlasting love.
There’s just one problem:
She has a major distraction in the form of Braxton Wheaton, the infuriating brute she hired to revamp an old train car for her coffee shop. Braxton is as boastful as a peacock with the manners of an ox. And now, thanks to her meddling sister, Maggie has to pair off with him in a storytelling duel.
But once the coffee dust starts to settle, Braxton reveals a deep and vulnerable side that has Maggie rethinking her love for hating him.
To make matters worse, those ever-important Cupid darts start checking themselves off one by one. If she can’t stop them, she might just fall in love with the wrong guy.

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