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Jasper’s (Takoda Outreach Center #1) by Sammi Cee – Free eBooks Download


Jasper’s helpful, mysterious… and homeless.
The soup kitchen was the only place I’d felt like I belonged in months, but working under the new, renowned chef had me doubting there was truly a place for me anywhere. He was nice enough, but he really didn’t “get” the people he was cooking for or the battles we faced. But my feelings didn’t matter, I had no home and my options were limited.

Caleb’s talented, successful… and clueless.
I wished I could say I’d pushed to be the main cook at Takoda Outreach Center out of selflessness, but that would be a lie. I knew my parents would never lower themselves to walk into a place like this, and I was counting on that. I was sick of being the perfect son, the celebrated chef—the price was too high, and now I had no social life and no idea who I was. And then I met Jasper, the sweet selfless younger man who opened my eyes to life’s harsher realities.

Just when Jasper thinks he’s found a way to make it through the winter unscathed by the elements, the shelter he’s found is ripped away. When Caleb offers him sanctuary, Jasper accepts the older man’s help.
Will Caleb’s questions about his past send him running back to the streets or has Jasper finally found the place he belongs?
Takoda Outreach Center: When you’re holding hope in the palm of your hand… Deliciously sweet stories of finding your happily ever after where you least expected it.

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