Jasmine’s Enchanted Genie by Ava Ross (ePUB)

jasmine's enchanted genie, ava ross

Jasmine’s Enchanted Genie (Filthy Fairy Tales) by Ava Ross – Free eBooks Download


A genie has offered me three wishes, but what if I only want him?

Forest Fable is enchanted, but the town’s magic can’t cure my little sister’s illness. When the royal family announces a ball and I’m invited, it’s my chance to beg the palace healer for help. I have nothing to wear until my conniving boss offers to outfit me, with one condition: steal an antique lamp from the palace treasure room. Getting into the room proves easy, but when I polish the beat-up lamp before delivery, a big, green-skinned guy named Boshun appears, offering me three wishes.
Unsure what to ask for (he can’t cure my sister), I take time to think. The more time I spend with Boshun, the more I fall for this sweet genie with a tragic past. But when my wishes are gone, he’ll return to the lamp, and I’ll never see him again.

Ages ago, an evil witch trapped me inside a magical lamp, and now I’m cursed to spend my life as a genie granting wishes. But when Jasmine summons me, something unexpected happens. I fall in love. I’ll do anything to remain by her side, but the witch is determined to keep me in her golden cage . . . Unless Jasmine and I can find a way to break the curse.

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