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Jane (Big Easy Bears #3) by Becca Fanning – Free eBooks Download


Jane just wanted a new start when she made the decision to move from Quebec, Canada to New Orleans, USA. But no matter how far she ran, she can’t help looking over her shoulder. Thinking no one would be able to find a young teenage girl in the kitchens of a care home, Jane started work at the only place she could find, determined to succeed with her plan. But when one of the larger residents tumbled and fell, and even though Jane appeared to be an underfed eighteen year old, she helped the other nurses carrying him back to bed with a hidden strength. The secret of her strengthen something she kept from Bryce for almost five years.

It’s been years since Bryce began working with Jane. He’d been working at the care home only a few weeks before her, but was quick to observe her when she was promoted from kitchen help to orderly after proving she could take care of her own. Bryce notices the way she looks over her shoulder when she walks down the hallway, how she surveys a room when she walks in and calculates how could she escape the easiest, never sitting in a corner but always towards an exit. Bryce can tell that she is haunted by her past and is constantly on the lookout for it to finally catch up to her. But as years pass and their friendship starts to blossom at work, he watches as Jane becomes more relaxed, healthier and muscular, yet curvy as she matures. Even though Bryce has been attracted to Jane for some time now, he’d always given her the space she needed to get over whatever it was that first brought her here. But now, Bryce wants to try to take their friendship to the next level, and perhaps more.

Jane is hesitant at first to accept Bryce’s invitation to a pub for drinks after work, but after he reassures her it isn’t a date, she gives in. One thing leads to another and the two are spending more and more time together after work as what was first getting a bite to eat turns to a real date at the movies, and even dinner over at Bryce’s apartment. Soon Jane will have to make the decision if she is going to reveal herself to him as a werebear. About the time their relationship starts to get serious, her childhood sweetheart makes a reappearance into her life, causing everything from Jane’s past to reel her in again. It seems now Jane will have to finish what happened in her past if she is ever going to have a bright future with Bryce.

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