Jaded Rescue by KD Michaels (ePUB)

jaded rescue, kd michaels

Jaded Rescue (Guardians of Hope #8) by KD Michaels – Free eBooks Download


In the depths of despair, hope is their only lifeline.

Sammy “Joker” Jones, once an untouchable US Navy SEAL, finds himself at rock bottom, grappling with an unthinkable turn of events.
Jade Malone, burdened with responsibilities beyond her years, faces her own nightmare when her sister is abducted.
In their darkest hour, Joker and Jade are thrust together, navigating a terrifying reality they never imagined. With their lives on the line, they must rely on the support of Alpha Squad and the SEALs to escape the abyss.
But as time ticks away, will help arrive in time, or will they be consumed by the darkness closing in?

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