Jaded Fae by Ava Sable (ePUB)

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Jaded Fae (Lords of the Arch Fae #1) by Ava Sable – Free eBooks Download


Everyone wants me dead, including the fae warrior sworn to protect me…he just hasn’t figured out who I really am.

Usually, the daughter of a fae king wouldn’t be working on a construction site in the mortal realm, but my father wants to kill me, so here I am—hiding among banished vampires and witches in Southern Oregon.
Despite my constant anxiety and utter lack of a love-life, I don’t have it too bad. Battery-operated boyfriends, cheap wine, and my friend Vessa get me through the hard days…until my father’s soldiers find me.
No amount of wine or AA batteries will make this problem go away.
Luckily, I have an escape plan. And when my father’s greatest nemesis, the Lord of Fate, comes after my ass, I have a plan for that too. But I didn’t plan for Bastion, a devastatingly sexy fae warrior—who bursts into my life claiming to be my sworn protector. Instant sparks.
Oh, and he has no idea who I really am.
Bastion doesn’t know how to drive a car or use a cellphone, and he’s never seen a naked woman before, but he knows where we can find a seer who holds the key to defeating my enemies. With my father and Fate closing in, I can either blow town and hide, or I can go on the offensive and trust this lethal, clueless stranger to take me to the seer.

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