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Jacob (Veterans in Alaska #5) by Emily Evans – Free eBooks Download


When my mother passes away, I hesitate to go back to Virgin Falls, Alaska.
But I need to take care of the cabin and the cafe that she’s left me.
My brother Dereck is glad that I’m coming.
And it will be great to see all my childhood friends.
Especially Jacob.
My teenage crush.
I can’t believe how sexy he is now.
Perhaps I can stay and live in the cabin and continue my career by singing at the café …
Perhaps I can see if Jacob could ever think of me as more than just his best friend’s little sister.

When I hear that Leah is coming back to town, all I remember the kid who always followed Dereck and me around.
The girl we used to tease all the time.
Like teenage boys do.
But when I see her now, there’s a gorgeous curvy woman.
Who is still my best friend’s little sister.
I try not to show my attraction, but I soon realize she’s the one I want to love and take care of.
The one I want to build a life and a family with.
But does she feel the same? And isn’t she going back to her city career?

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