It’s All in the Hips by Diana Muñoz Stewart (ePUB)

it's all in hips, diana munoz stewart

It’s All in the Hips by Diana Muñoz Stewart – Free eBooks Download


A one-night stand so hot, even a decade apart couldn’t cool the flames.

Winning the Fit for The World prize money is Yolanda Vasquez’s last chance at saving her family business. But she’ll have to face show creator Easton Blake––a steamy one-night stand she’s never forgotten––while also taking on the big kids of fitness. One of whom isn’t playing fair.

Yolanda Vasquez
Ten-plus years ago, I spent one glorious night with a hot stranger visiting Puerto Rico. Today, that heartthrob is a global health icon giving away millions on a reality fitness show. I really need that money to rescue my family business, am pretty sure I can win, and mostly sure he won’t remember me.

Easton Blake
I spent a decade building Fit for The World gym franchises, but after a reputation-ruining mistake, my board wants me out. Vowing to repair my image on a groundbreaking reality show is a huge gamble. One that turns dicey when the hottest hookup of my life makes the competition, and the other contestants quickly see her as a threat. Yeah. This can’t be what my board meant by reviving my public persona.

Knowing the disaster any romance would bring, Easton and Yolanda struggle to ignore their flaming-hot chemistry, but when someone schemes to drive Yolanda from the show, they join forces to stop them. Will their undeniable heat catch fire and burn down their worlds before they can eliminate the threat?

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