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Italian King (Micheli Mafia #1) by Zoe Beth Geller – Free eBooks Download


I’ve never known who my father is. But I try to not let it bother me as I go to school in Florence. Until Dante Micheli walks into my life and turns it upside down. He’s way older, far more experienced, with a body made to tempt me. But, as much as I hate him for kidnapping me, I crave him even more. When danger stalks me, my enemy becomes my only hope for survival. The thing is – I’m not sure whether my Italian King wants me for business or love.

I was raised to become the Don of my family one day in the future. So, I studied and I learned everything I could to become better and smarter at it. When an unfortunate tragedy, makes me Don before my time, it becomes my duty to ensure the survival of our people. In order to do that, I have to kidnap the daughter of the one enemy who could destroy us all. The problem is? She doesn’t know who her father is. The even bigger problem? She is hot and feisty and smart. Wanting her could be my destruction, but with our enemies closing in, I can’t afford to lose her. For the sake of sake of my family. And my heart.

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