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it was always you, laura beth

It Was Always You (Grace General #1) by Laura Beth – Free eBooks Download


A decade of friendship. Three years of heartache. One man she could never forget.

Jenna Watkins has never quite found the place she belongs. Growing up as the only child of a military father, her life was constantly on the move. New city, new school, new faces. With a wild personality and a no-filter mouth, making friends wasn’t something she was good at.

That all changed the day she met Emmett Owens.
At 15 years old, Emmett became the best friend she’d ever had. He was her confidant, the peanut butter to her jelly, and the one person she grew to trust with everything she knew. Over their ten years of friendship, feelings blossomed, and so did the possibility of a true Happily Ever After…

Until he married someone else.
Three years later, Emmett is back, with his adorable daughter in tow, begging for a chance to prove himself. Jenna wants to believe he’d never hurt her, but she was foolish enough to think that once before. Yet, the more they rekindle their friendship, and the closer she grows to his daughter, those lines she so firmly planted start to blur.

Will she be able to let him in, or are some wounds too deep to heal?

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