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When life gives you lemons . . . you have a tequila shot before facing the problem, right?

On the night of her eighteenth birthday, Isabelle didn’t just have one lemon thrown at her, she got the entire tree.
Her world was turned upside down.
Now she isn’t just grieving the loss of her parents.

• She is raising her sisters.
• Suffering from more frequent episodes that are getting harder to mask.
• Trying to NOT fall in love with her best friends and next-door neighbours, Grayson and Taylor.

It’s not until her favourite brand of mac & cheese changes the recipe so she can no longer eat her go-to comfort food that it all sinks in, and she finally falls apart.
It’s okay to fall apart though – tacos fall apart, and we still love them.

With the help of her besties, neighbours, and the mysterious Officer Mitchell, Isabelle learns to navigate her new normal. She just needs to dodge the oranges, pineapples, and coconuts that get thrown her way first.
Fruit punch anyone?

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