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insta connection, jen atkinson

Insta Connection (The Insta #2) by Jen Atkinson – Free eBooks Download


Butterflies have invaded my body. They’ve been dormant for years and now suddenly they are spastically attacking my stomach, my heart, and quite possibly my ovaries. All for a man I’ve never met.
Ebony McCoy is already married to her job… which means she doesn’t have time for a man. However, a little playful banter online never hurt anyone—especially when it’s a man she doesn’t know and never plans to meet. And seeing how he is more than two thousand miles across the country, that shouldn’t be a problem.
Yep. It’s all fun and games, and totally innocent… until that darn organ inside of Ebony’s chest decides to betray her. Ebony is falling—fast and hard. For someone she can’t have.
Jet Jacobson has never been afraid of a challenge—so he’s still healing from a knee injury, so he’s working on making it into the MLS, so he’s got teammates and siblings who all want his attention. So what? He can add a girl into the mix. This is more than the fun, playful, long distance thing that Ebony keeps saying it is. This, boys and girls, is the real deal. Jet will stop at nothing to make Ebony a believer. This will work—even 2,634 miles apart.
So it may not be the right time or the right place—but one thing’s for sure, she is the right person.

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