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Inking the Wolf (Wolves of Crookshollow #3) by Steffanie Holmes – Free eBooks Download


My best friend’s a shapeshifter, and now we’re getting married. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?When my Grandmother June died, I couldn’t care less. That vicious old hag hated everything about me – from my blue hair and job as a tattoo artist, to the fact that I have no desire to give up my playgirl ways.Now I learn she’s left me her home, Primrose House – a beautiful Victorian gothic mansion with a turret and a secret passage. The only problem? In order to officially take up residence at the house, I have to be married.

Enter Robbie, my gorgeous best friend and a wolf shifter without a home. We’re getting fake-married, and he’s moving into Primrose House with me to convince my parents that we’re for real. Robbie gets a free place to live, I get to keep Primrose House – everything’s perfect.Except … when we kissed at the alter of our fake-wedding, something happened. To say “sparks flew” would be the understatement of the century. That kiss didn’t just spark, it set off an inferno. I can’t stop thinking about Robbie. How come I’d never noticed how hot he was? – those soulful eyes, that scottish accent and hot shifter body ….

But he’s my best friend, and my fake-husband. If I mess this up, I’ll lose both Robbie and Primrose House. I just have to control myself. I just have to resist to urge to repeat that kiss.It can’t be that hard to avoid falling into bed with your best friend, right? Right?

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