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Indiscreet (The Bruno Crime Family #3) by Faith Everly – Free eBooks Download


When his past comes knocking at the Bruno house, the family’s second son is forced to face his mistakes – and to learn there’s no hiding explosive secrets forever.
Vincent was never going to be head of the Bruno family, and he liked it that way. Less responsibility. More time to play.
I was one of his playthings. His little Mirabella, a dirty secret his family would never approve of. It was only a game to him. For me? It meant everything.
When he disappeared without bothering to tell me he was leaving, he left me brokenhearted and unable to reach him.
With a tiny little secret that soon got a lot bigger.
Now he’s back, and he thinks the past can be easily forgotten. It’s not always that simple. Whether he likes it or not, I’m going to make him face his responsibilities – not because I want to punish him, but because my ruthless uncle demands it as a means of infiltrating and destroying the Bruno family.
If I fail, I’ll never see my baby again.
If I succeed, I’ll lose the only man I’ve ever loved – and this time, it’s forever.

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