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in shadows, montana fyre

In the Shadows (Syndicate of the Legion #1) by Montana Fyre – Free eBooks Download


The gatekeepers of the New York underworld have met their match, but this mafia princess isn’t going to bow to them without a fight…
I was raised to be a mafia queen.
I spent years learning the family business.
I trained to become the ruthless leader my family needs me to be.
But it was all for nothing.
On my eighteenth birthday, my father told me I would be marrying our enemy.
And what’s worse?
He’s known that was my fate since I drew my first breath.
So I do the only thing I can.
I run.
But when my ‘would be’ husband’s men leave me beaten and broken in an alley, the last place I expect to find myself is in the inner sanctum of the Syndicate of the Legion, and now the four men who control the five families of New York, also control my future.
Bishop wants to fix me.
Kovu wants to make me bleed.
Crew wants to use me.
And Kaos? He wants me dead.

This is a dark why choose romance with four morally grey MMC’s. There are themes in this book that some may find triggering, and I urge you to check the content note before reading. This is the first of four books, and it does finish on a cliffhanger.

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