In the Hands of a Highland Bandit by Olivia Kerr (ePUB)

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In the Hands of a Highland Bandit (Highlands’ Partners in Crime) by Olivia Kerr – Free eBooks Download


He only knows how to destroy. Can she teach him how to love?

All Greta Baines had in the world was her dear mother and father… until the raids began. The poor lass lost both her parents in a terrible attack by bandits three years ago, and, ever since, she has been maintaining the family farm all alone.
However, when the terror of the raids returns, Greta is determined not to let anyone suffer the way she did. One fateful day, the sounds of riders approaching make everyone flee except for Greta, who hurries in the opposite direction! The lass is helping the village’s children find their hiding places until one of the riders notices her.
Standing on his two feet, Finn Crawford could scare a seasoned warrior, but on top of his horse, the Highlander is a true nightmare. While his men are plundering, Finn focuses on the only woman who tries to save the children. Maybe because she reminds him of a woman from his dark past…
After seeing the selfless lass run into a flaming hut, Finn decides to rescue her and take her with him. When Greta wakes up, she realizes that she is now in the hands of the bandit leader who, for some reason, saved her life. Could this mean that the savage man can change and help her end the raids forever, or is trying to kill him the best choice she has?

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