In the Eye of the Beholder by Dianna Roman (ePUB)

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In the Eye of the Beholder by Dianna Roman – Free eBooks Download


The highly anticipated follow-on to Until I Saw You.

Daniel Ellis trusts no one and love, even less. His longstanding commitment to self-reliance backfires when a series of events finds an unlikely savior offering him assistance at every turn. How can the aggravating widower who’s sat at the end of his bar the past few years be his knight in shining armor?
Reluctantly taking a job as Eric Jordan’s assistant becomes more than just a means of safe haven. Working for his aloof bar patron broadens Daniel’s perspectives, threatening to tear down every wall he’s built around his heart as he begins to learn more about a man he’s always purposely ignored. All Daniel wanted was to hide from the trouble that’s following him, not have the rest of his world turned upside down by the wealthy older man who ends up being nothing he expected and everything he didn’t realize he might need.

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