In Service to the Duke by Vivian Murdoch (ePUB)

in service to duke. vivian murdoch

In Service to the Duke (Seven Omegas for Seven Alphas #3) by Vivian Murdoch – Free eBooks Download


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… Well. Nobody ever fools me twice.

I almost walked into the parson’s trap once. Never again.
So no matter how sweet and innocent our new governess smells. No matter that her scent calls to me like no other omega ever has. No matter how her stunning body responds to my strict discipline…
I will not be made a fool of again. Now, I only need to get my traitorous heart back in line before her heat comes, and I do something I’ll spend the rest of our lives regretting…

Seven Omegas for Seven Alphas is a dark omegaverse set in a world where title and rank is determined by dynamic rather than birth and where sweet little omegas are the belle of every ball.

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